In the 2024 baseball season, the New York Yankees are predicted to have a challenging time making it to the playoffs, according to statistical analysts at Baseball Reference. They forecast that the team will have just a 2.7 percent chance of reaching the postseason and will win only 71.6 games, which is below average in comparison to other teams in the league.

However, Fangraphs predicts a different outcome for the Yankees, with an expected win total of 88 games, placing them fourth in baseball. Meanwhile, BetRivers sportsbook projects that they will win 91.5 games, giving them the third-highest odds to win the most games in baseball. Additionally, BetRivers gives the Yankees a 77.01 percent chance of making it to the playoffs, significantly higher than Baseball Reference’s prediction.

Despite their poor performance in 2023, there are reasons for optimism for the Yankees going forward. They are expected to see improvements with Juan Soto on board and potentially a full season from Aaron Judge. However, some experts believe that Baseball Reference’s simple grading system used for projections may be too limited and does not take into account player injuries or offseason changes fully.

Overall, while there are varying opinions on the Yankees’ prospects for 2024, it is clear that they face an uphill battle if they hope to make it back into playoff contention next year.

By Samantha Johnson

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