The 2024 World Swimming Championships were held in Doha, Qatar from February 11 to 18. This long course competition (50m) was eagerly anticipated by swimmers and spectators alike, with the meeting center brimming with excitement for the events that were about to unfold. Live scores were available via Omega and SwimSwam provided a preview index for viewers to better understand what to expect.

On the first day of the championships, Fabio Cetti captured the action through a series of photographs, showcasing the emotion and intensity of the competition. Swimmers such as Adam Peaty, Matteo Ciampi, and Angelina Kohler were among those featured in Cetti’s photos. The excitement of the first day set the stage for the championship to continue, with fans eagerly awaiting further highlights and results.

The official entries have been submitted and the Dutch team also performed well on the first day of finals. China secured the gold medal on day one, demonstrating their dominance in this prestigious event. As the championship progressed, it became clear that this was going to be a fiercely competitive race for gold medals.

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