This week, we’ll provide an overview of upcoming events in the world of World of Warcraft. In Discovery Phase 3 Season, players can explore the Sunken Temple and participate in the Noblegarden event to search for hidden treasure eggs. Adventurers can level up from 41 to 50, earn extra talent points, dive into the 20-player Sunken Temple raid dungeon, discover new runes and abilities, and more.

Season of Discovery, Phase 3, begins on April 4th at 1:00 PM PDT worldwide. Players can take on a new Mythic+ dungeon rotation, face new challenges in raids, prepare for a new PvP season, and prepare for The War Within. Dragonflight Season 4 begins on April 23rd, offering powerful rewards and exciting new content from the Dragonflight expansion.

Wrath Classic PvP Season 8 is coming to an end soon with the season ending on April 15th. Arena Points will be converted to Honor when patch 4.4.0 is released and there will be an off-season period before Season 9 begins. Stay tuned to the official World of Warcraft News website for updates on events and news throughout the week. Events such as PvP Brawl: Cooking Impossible and Legion Timewalking will take place in the coming days giving players a chance to revisit past content and earn rewards appropriate to their level.

By Samantha Johnson

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