It’s no surprise that viral videos on social media are often taken out of context. The internet thrives on this type of content. Even so, the BMW PGA Championship provided interesting storylines this week, such as the rise of Ryan Fox and Ryder Cup practice. However, Robin Sciot-Siegrist’s seemingly innocuous shot at No. 45 caught the attention of Twitter, garnering nearly 4 million views. NUCLRGOLF, with over 67,000 followers, shared a video of Pablo Larazabal walking in front of Sciot-Siegrist’s putting line, sparking outrage and questioning the acceptability of his behavior.

Social media has always been the arbiter of right and wrong, and this incident was no exception. PGA Tour winner Hunter Mahan expressed his disapproval of Larazabal’s actions, saying it needed a conversation. Many others joined in sharing their disgust at Larazabal’s lack of green etiquette.

Sensing the online backlash growing, Larazabal quickly responded with a tweet that provided more information and tried to calm the crowd. He explained that they were behind on time and needed to play fast to catch up. With this added context, social media began to withdraw their anger and stopped criticizing Larazabal. Mentioning “on the clock” changed the narrative and people began to understand the circumstances. Larazabal finished the tournament five over, with a final round score of 12 over, so it’s possible this etiquette controversy won’t be the most memorable aspect of his weekend.

By Editor