Last month we featured Dream Lake Elementary Ambassadors preparing for the Global Amazing Shake Competition in Atlanta, described as the “Super Bowl of Soft Skills.” Eleven fourth and fifth grade students from Dream Lake recently returned from their trip, and fifth grader Tyson Williams placed in the top 8 out of over 360 students from around the world. The competition focused on skills such as making first impressions, interviewing skills, etiquette and responding positively in real-world scenarios.

Carolyn Zuklich, Reading Specialist and Coach at Dream Lake, expressed how proud they were of all the students and highlighted Tyson's achievement. She explained that the competition was rated on a scale of 1-20, and Tyson also took part in the Breakfast of Champions round, where he showed off his etiquette skills. Tyson's Top 8 finish was historic for Dream Lake Elementary and he thanked his fellow ambassadors for their support throughout the competition.

When asked about his favorite part of the experience, Tyson mentioned hanging out with his fellow ambassadors and how their support was crucial to his success. Since the Global Amazing Shake is open to students in grades four through eight, Tyson has the opportunity to return next year. He shared that one of his career goals is to become a barber because he enjoys helping people look good.

To learn more about the Global Amazing Shake contest, visit their website. The Ambassadors of Dream Lake Primary School have done their school proud with their achievements and Tyson's placement in the Top 8 is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

By Samantha Johnson

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