The death of Juanita Reyes was sad news. I consider about her life and her household and it brings a smile to my face. She is gone, but the household she raised, along with her husband Daniel, have carried on her legacy by way of their actions.

The nine kids that Juanita and Daniel raised serve as a testament to parenting and generating do with what you have and what you have created.

I was initially impressed by the competitive nature of every of Juanita’s kids. They had been warriors, bred to survive, but humble and respected.

With nine of them at the table, I bet minding your manners was a major priority.

I got to know every of the nine siblings as a sports editor and fellow competitor in the city leagues. I admired the tenacity with which they played and their assertive nature. It was clear that the passion they had for the sport came from household.

It was an outlet primarily based on reaching higher academic requirements, contributing to the household way and making sure that the household had lots of hands on deck.

No doubt this was Juanita’s way.

When I started covering Wildcat athletics and the city’s leagues, it was clear that the Reyes’ athletes had been amongst the finest the city had to present. From Tiny League to NCAA Division I schools, you could uncover Reyes at the major of the list and Juanita and Daniel cheering them on.

The Reyes’ knack for performing in athletic arenas led me to meet Juanita. I was interested in who raised these kids who stand out in the crowd and on the playgrounds. I also had a bunch of black and white of her youngsters in action that she may be interested in.

The photo supplying did not stand a opportunity. With nine youngsters going by way of Wildcat and Lady ‘Cat uniforms, buying for sports photographs (pardon the pun) was out of the image.

The only factor I could count on whilst covering Deming Higher sports was seeing Juanita and Daniel in the stands – each in cardinal and navy. For a time, the couple wore silver, black and turquoise whilst attending baseball games at Organ Mountain (then Onate) Higher College in Las Cruces, exactly where their son David coached for lots of years.

It was clear that the Reyes kids had a passion for sports. It was also evident that they excelled for the reason that of a robust function ethic, dedication to the sport and an assertive strategy that can lead a group by instance.

Rosa, Daniel, Johnny, Armando, Paul, Mario David, Gracie and Christy created Juanita proud. They are a reflection of their mother and can now give the identical appreciate and care to their personal kids.

Rest in peace, Juanita.

Billy Armendariz is sports editor of Һeadligһt. It can be reached at [email protected]

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