Polar bear brothers Koluk and Kiska are resting in their fenced zoo ABK BioPark, which is holding a series of events now to mark International Polar Bear Day. (Supply: ABK BioPark Zoo)

They say the very good die young. Often they get old initially.

That was the case with Koluk, a 26-year-old polar bear who has known as ABK BioPark property due to the fact the late 1990s. The city of Albuquerque mentioned Koluk was euthanized Friday “following his well being deteriorated swiftly this week.”

BioPark officials mentioned the choice was created following employees found Koluk had serious liver and kidney illness for the duration of a current checkup.

Koluk was nonetheless ahead of his bears simply because most reside only 20 years in captivity and up to 18 years in the wild, according to a statement sent Friday. Koluk’s twin brother and fellow exhibitor Kiska is nonetheless in very good well being and active, but is now BioPark’s lone polar bear.

Officials mentioned Kiska “adjusted effectively as a lone bear” for the duration of Koluk’s illness.

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The release mentioned Koluk and Kiska had been born in November 1996 at the Hogle Zoo in Utah and moved to the BioPark in October 1997.

“The coyote was one particular of the most playful animals at the BioPark, and was a favourite amongst guests and employees alike,” mentioned Casey Taylor, ABK BioPark’s assistant curator of mammals, in a released statement. “We are so delighted to have cared for Koluk, and we are heartbroken by this loss.”

Koluk’s “playful demeanor was continuous” even in his old age, when he nonetheless had “a penchant for diving into the pool to catch fish and ice treats,” the statement mentioned. Koluk reportedly created “deep levels of trust” in the employees who assisted him when it came to many exams and “was a important element of his sturdy well being and lengthy life.”

The statement mentioned Koluk was diagnosed with a heart situation in 2019 and received medication to handle his situation. In current days, employees have observed “lack of appetite, lethargy and stiffness” in the bear.

A complete examination was carried out on May well 19 and employees found that Koluk was suffering from serious liver and kidney illness, the statement mentioned. Given that then, employees have provided Koluk “assistance” and additional testing has shown the illness is progressing.

BioPark employees then created the choice to euthanize Koluk.

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