Acentra Health’s Management Team: A Look at Collaboration and Success in the GovCon Industry

WashingtonExec’s “Meet the Management Team” video series features executives from the GovCon industry, showcasing their roles and collaborations in achieving company-wide goals. In this particular segment, Amanda Ziadeh joins the leadership team at Acentra Health. The team includes Todd Stottlemier as CEO, Meghan Harris as President and Chief Operating Officer, Verlon Johnson as Chief Strategy Officer, Harish Nanda as Chief Technology Officer, Kelly Loeffler as Chief Growth Officer and Kelly Schlageter as Chief Human Officer.

During the discussion, Acentra Health’s leadership team discusses a range of topics including the company’s vision, growth strategy, operational goals, enterprise technologies and customer-facing innovation, workforce development, culture and sustainability. Despite being geographically dispersed across different parts of the country, executives share how they collaborate and work together to achieve common company goals.

Acentra Health is a leading provider of healthcare services to government agencies and military personnel. Through their shared vision and collaboration, the management team is able to drive innovation in the GovCon industry while working towards achieving company-wide goals. The video series provides valuable insights into how companies like Acentra Health operate effectively in a competitive industry while maintaining a strong focus on collaboration and communication within their teams.

By Samantha Johnson

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