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ChatGPT has been the topic of a lot discussion in academic circles, especially on how to avoid its unauthorized use in teaching. On the other hand, students can advantage from understanding how to use generative artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to save time and enhance efficiency in writing assignments.

Craig Hurvitz, executive director-in-residence at the Pratt College of Engineering, asked graduate students in his “Emerging Trends in Economic Technologies (Fintech)” course to develop a initially draft of an essay with the aid of ChatGPT. His functioning assumption was that when students enter the workforce, they will have access to and capacity to use generative artificial intelligence for productivity purposes. He wanted to experiment with ChatGPT in his course to give students initially-hand insight into how to use generative artificial intelligence.

For the assignment, the class was instructed to study a case study and every student chose a Fintech method to aid resolve a certain challenge pointed out in the case. Their written assignment was a 750-word Executive Summary convincing the instructor (playing the function of a venture capitalist) why they ought to think about meeting to go over a possible investment.

The guidelines needed every student to develop the initially version applying ChatGPT. Soon after creating the draft, they imported the draft into Microsoft Word and turned on “transform tracking.” They edited the initial draft and submitted the final draft with “record modifications” nevertheless integrated.

This gave the professor the capacity to see the draft generated by ChatGPT, the modifications created to that draft, and the final item submitted by every student. The variety of unadjusted final scores ranged from about 20 % to more than 90 %. Soon after the assignment, the students completed a survey about their experiences on the assignment. This post summarizes students’ reactions to applying ChatGPT.

AI as a job talent

Students saw this assignment as significant education since they anticipate to use artificial intelligence in the workplace. There have been a lot of comments about how this assignment was a understanding chance about how to use an AI chatbot correctly and how this will be a useful talent when they graduate and take on complete-time roles in the workforce.

As 1 student explained, “I definitely enjoyed functioning on this assignment. I think that what you permitted us to do will come about in genuine life. Finishing this activity is superior practice for us to use artificial intelligence to enhance our perform.”

One particular certain talent students discovered was how to create helpful queries in ChatGPT. Quite a few students have realized that creating suitable instruction is an iterative approach and is the crucial to a prosperous practical experience. Pretty much all students embarked on this workout with an try to use 1 prompt to craft an whole essay.

On the other hand, most students identified the outcome to be as well basic, and in most situations, as well repetitive. The most typical reaction to this was to send certain adhere to-up concerns to ChatGPT applying descriptive, concise text made to develop output for a certain paragraph, or far more accurately, a bullet point.

Many students commented on the significance of education the ChatGPT to assume a certain function just before the approach is prompted to create any written output. “I would place far more emphasis on education the AI ​​to adopt a specific character, rather than spending a lot of time attempting to figure out the correct moment,” 1 student commented in a post-activity survey.

Writing efficiency

Every single student claimed that applying an AI chatbot to create a initially draft was beneficial. Ninety % of students stated that applying an AI chatbot saves time. One particular student noted, “For every single minute you invest on ChatGPT, you save ten minutes, but make positive you give the AI ​​the precise info you want it to perform with and the danger of errors is minimal.”

Twenty-1 of the 36 students in the class who speak English as a second language felt one more advantage. Every of them indicated that they currently had practical experience applying ChatGPT prior to this assignment. A typical refrain was that applying an AI chatbot helped them create as if English have been their initially language. On the other hand, as 1 student cautioned, “The grammar applied by the AI ​​was fantastic, but I identified the language vague and unsophisticated.” This comment indicates a basic student understanding of the limitations of ChatGPT.


Although students identified ChatGPT beneficial, there have been important comments about the limitations of this generation of technologies. Limitations frequently fell into 1 of 3 categories: 1) inaccurate sources, two) outdated sources, and three) the outcome is only as superior as the query. “I identified that ChatGPT generated info that was appropriate but with an incorrect quote,” noted 1 student.

More than half of the class identified that ChatGPT generated inaccurate info, and only two out of 36 expressed self-assurance in the sources cited by ChatGPT. Students realized that truth-checking is an important aspect of applying ChatGPT for writing, as supply integrity is a important concern. Moreover, given that the students’ activity was to highlight new trends in Fintech, they could not rely on older ChatGPT information (September 2021).

Note that the students applied the GPT-three.five model for this AI activity this was just before the release of GPT-four., when the capacity to cite sources was somewhat enhanced, but reliance on sources supplied by GPT remains problematic.

Quite a few students commented that they enjoyed functioning on the assignment, but have been conscious of ethical considerations such as intellectual home, and appreciated that guardrails have been important. Students understanding how to use ChatGPT can be just 1 step in the writing approach. “A bot ought to not be applied as the final answer, but only as a way to have an understanding of a subject or suggestions.” ChatGPT’s capacity to synthesize sources and condense info is fantastic, but it should not replace our filters and capacity to do the identical job we do.”


Generative AI capabilities are advancing swiftly. It is a productivity tool that is most likely to achieve widespread acceptance and use in the workforce. Teaching students how to use technologies adequately and correctly is an significant life talent. For these concerned about no matter whether the output generated by ChatGPT is the perform of the tool or the learner, there is no substitute for carrying out some simple analysis, clearly understanding what it is you want to communicate, and being aware of in advance the written structure you anticipate to acquire from ChatGPT- a.

From the viewpoint of a professor who has spent most of his profession in business, it was rewarding to see how swiftly students adapted to and optimized the technologies, and how this led to far more effective essay production, and in a lot of situations, a greater high-quality than they may otherwise have accomplished.

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