The UNI Group, which consists of Unimarkt Handelsgesellschaft, UNIWholesale, and UNILogistik, faced challenges in the past year as their online stores were not profitable and had to be closed. Following the Constitutional Court’s ruling on working hours, 17 UNIBok locations are being reviewed along with a plan to convert all Unimarkt branches into franchises by 2024/25. Currently, 65 of the 124 locations are operated by franchise partners.

Despite these challenges, UNI Group achieved sales of approximately €474 million in the financial year 2023/24, which represents an increase of 6% compared to the previous year. Owner and managing director Andreas Haider acknowledged the difficulties the group is facing in a press release. The concept of autonomous UNIBoks, which was intended to serve areas without local suppliers, collapsed due to profitability problems following the VfGH’s decision on working hours.

However, the knowledge gained from UNIBok is used in the Nah&Frisch hybrid markets within the UNI Group. At the end of the financial year there were 23 Nah&Frisch hybrid sites, with plans to expand by 16 more in the next financial year. Hyder believes that the hybrid supermarket concept is the future as it helps to overcome the challenges of finding employees.

In addition to its core businesses, UNI Group includes other subsidiaries such as convenience provider unik (formerly Lekkerland) and logistics provider UNILogistik. The group had around 3,100 employees in

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