Seagate Technologies (STX -0.56%) has experienced significant growth over the past year due to improvements in the storage industry and increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company’s share price has risen significantly, up 11% since the start of 2024 and up 54% over the past 12 months. This positive momentum has some investors on Wall Street believing that the stock has the potential to continue rising.

Recently, Morgan Stanley upgraded its rating on Seagate shares from equal weight to overweight and raised its price target from $73 to $115 per share. If Seagate were to meet Morgan Stanley’s price target, it would reach an all-time high and provide an upside of approximately 21% from its current trading price. This upgrade reflects Seagate’s belief that it is well positioned in the industry, benefits from cyclical improvements, and is likely to see increased demand due to advances in AI technologies.

Seagate operates in a highly competitive data storage market that is known to be cyclical, with demand and price trends varying over time. However, currently, Seagate appears to be in a favorable position with headwinds supporting its growth. Morgan Stanley forecasts Seagate’s earnings for this year will be 25% to 30% higher than previously estimated, with the potential for AI-related storage needs to provide a long-term boost. As demand for AI technology continues to grow, Seagate could enter a period of significant growth.

While the exact impact of artificial intelligence on Seagate’s business remains uncertain, there are signs that suggest that the company is well positioned for future success in this area. For example, recent research suggests that AI-powered storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to store large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. This trend could provide a significant opportunity for companies like Seagate that specialize in data storage solutions like AI-powered storage systems.

By Samantha Johnson

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