AKSA KSL’s US mid-market insurance business is introducing a new endorsement to KSL Plus support to enhance its general liability coverage for mid-sized businesses. This extension provides over two dozen additional protections that go beyond the basic policy, covering additional risks not previously included. Some of the extended protections included in the XL Plus endorsement are coverage for damage to rental premises, automatic additional insured status, comprehensive additional insured agreements and the expansion of bodily injury coverage to include mental anguish.

Chris Fallon, head of US mid-market products and analytics at AKSA XL, emphasized the importance of continuous coverage reviews to address the growing risks facing mid-market clients. By offering a wider endorsement, mid-sized clients can benefit from a more comprehensive insurance package, reducing potential coverage gaps and increasing their financial protection against a wider range of risks. In addition, AKSA KSL’s mid-market team is expanding its US client offering by taking on private equity and general industry insurance businesses and establishing a dedicated underwriting team to meet the underwriting needs of mid-sized construction companies.

This move by AKSA KSL demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing customized insurance solutions to midsize businesses in the US through the introduction of expanded KSL Plus support. By offering extended protection and addressing evolving risks, AKSA KSL aims to support mid-sized clients in managing contingencies and improving their financial protection. The company recognizes that as businesses grow and expand their operations, they face new challenges and require more comprehensive insurance solutions that can adapt to these changes. With this new endorsement, AKSA KSL is providing just such a solution for its US mid-market clients.

By Samantha Johnson

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