A study from FindRecoveri.com has identified Texas as the state with the highest risk of alcoholism, with a lack of health insurance and formal schooling among its residents contributing to this risk. California and Florida ranked second and third in the study, with similar problems contributing to their high risk of alcoholism.

According to Serene Gato of FindRecoveri.com, economic prosperity does not necessarily reduce the risk of alcoholism in a state. In fact, states with the highest GDP, including Texas, California and New York, were found to be among the highest risk for alcoholism.

The study also noted that public health challenges and socioeconomic factors play a significant role in the vulnerability to alcoholism in these states. A huge number of Texans do not have health insurance, and the state also has a large number of citizens without formal education. Similarly, California and Florida both have a large number of residents without formal education and unemployed individuals.

Interestingly, Nevada was found to be the fourth state with the highest risk of alcoholism, followed by New York, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Mississippi. Overall, Gato emphasized the complexity of the risk of alcoholism in the US and highlighted the need to address underlying social factors in order to reduce this prevalence.

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