Amazon has announced that it will be removing its “Just Walk Out” checkout-free technology from its Fresh stores in the US. This technology, which was launched in 2018, uses sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to track customers’ selected items and automatically charge them via an app. However, Tony Hoggett, Amazon’s SVP of grocery stores, has revealed that the technology will be removed from Fresh stores as part of a remodel.

Instead of relying on Just Walk Out technology, Amazon is introducing a smart shopping cart that allows customers to scan items while shopping and make automatic payments. Although this technology will no longer be used in Fresh stores, it will still be present in Amazon Go stores and available for use by other retailers.

This change in approach to checkout-free technology represents a shift in Amazon’s focus on providing a seamless shopping experience for customers while still offering the convenience of technology-driven solutions. By using smart shopping carts, the company aims to improve the overall shopping experience for its customers while maintaining the speed and efficiency of its checkout process.

By Samantha Johnson

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