Amazon has announced that it will be phasing out its Just Walk Out technology in most of its stores, in favor of Dash Carts. This decision comes as part of the company’s efforts to improve the overall customer experience and make its stores more efficient.

The Just Walk Out system used cameras and sensors to track items that shoppers grabbed, but it also required checkout people to ensure accuracy, increasing costs. Despite initial excitement around the technology, it has proven to be too slow for customers and too expensive for companies to implement. As a result, customers have experienced delays in receiving their bills, and concerns have been raised about Amazon collecting and sharing data about customers’ shopping habits.

In response to these issues, Amazon has moved to Dash Carts, which involve scanning a QR code to start a session, scanning products as they are added to the cart, and exiting through the Dash Cart bar or checking out at the register. While Just Walk Out technology will still be used in a small number of UK Fresh stores and some Amazon Go stores, it will no longer be the primary method for checkout in most Amazon Fresh stores. It will also continue to be available at stadiums that use the technology.

Overall, this decision underscores Amazon’s commitment to improving the customer experience and making its stores more efficient. By phasing out Just Walk Out technology in favor of Dash Carts, Amazon is able to provide a faster and more accurate checkout experience for its customers while also reducing costs for the company.

By Samantha Johnson

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