At a current internal meeting dubbed an “aquarium” at Amazon, CEO Andy Jessee avoided providing specifics to help his choice to bring workers back to the workplace. In spite of Amazon getting recognized for its information-driven strategy, Jassi named the choice a “judgment get in touch with.” According to a recording of the meeting obtained by Insider, Jassi stated that if workers have a trouble with the choice, they are cost-free to leave the business. He emphasized the have to have for workers to “disagree and commit” and stated that refusing to return to the workplace would not be acceptable.

Amazon is rising the stress on workers who do not comply with the requirement to function in the workplace at least 3 days a week. Final month, the business implemented a policy stating that workers who do not comply, barring a uncommon exception, will be forced to voluntarily resign. The choice came just after the business rejected an internal petition against reinstatement signed by about 30,000 workers.

For the duration of the meeting at the aquarium, Jassi also pointed out that Amazon did not have convincing information to help remote function through the pandemic. He claimed to have spoken to 60 to 80 CEOs from other providers who preferred to bring workers back to the workplace. Jassi now makes use of a phrase from Amazon’s leadership principles to emphasize that workers must no longer ask concerns or complain about a choice.

An Amazon spokesperson had no comment on the matter. If you function at Amazon and have any guidelines or data to share, you can make contact with reporter Eugene Kim by means of encrypted messaging apps or e mail making use of a non-function device. The Insider’s Supply Guide supplies guidelines for sharing data safely.

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