During National Public Health Week, the Anderson County Health Department is engaging in various activities to promote public health initiatives. On April 1, staff will be helping patients register to vote and collecting hygiene products to donate to the Tennessee Center for the Homeless. Additionally, they will offer an after school yoga club at Glenwood Elementary School in partnership with UT Extension.

On April 2, staff will be promoting the benefits of outdoor activities at the Anderson County Senior Center and hosting a tobacco and vaping prevention program called “Catch My Breath” at Grand Oaks Elementary School for fifth graders. Participating schools will also receive anti-tobacco signs.

On April 3, the remaining Catch My Breath sessions for fifth graders will take place, while on April 4, staff will encourage patients to access vaccines and distribute informational flyers in the community. The Matter of Balance class at the Senior Center will also continue.

On April 5, hygiene products collected will be donated to the TORCH Homeless Center, and staff will be encouraged to take walking breaks at work. The week will conclude with staff attending a “Celebration of the Toddler” event to showcase the health department’s services and promote the future of public health.

Director Charles Turner expressed pride in the hard work of his team, who provide a variety of health programs and services in their community, such as care coordination through CHANT, GIFTS pregnancy cessation program and TNSTRONG tobacco-free lifestyle advocacy.

By Samantha Johnson

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