Anna Paquin, an acclaimed actress known for her starring roles in films such as “True Blood” and “The Hobbit,” has been battling an undisclosed health challenge for the past two years. At a recent red carpet event in New York, she was seen using a cane for support while walking. During her appearance, she also opened up about facing speech difficulties for years.

At the event, Paquin was promoting her new film, “A Bit of Light,” which she directed herself. The drama is based on Rebecca Callard’s play and stars Paquin as an alcoholic mother who must rebuild her life after losing custody of her children. The cast includes Ray Winstone, Pippa Bennett-Warner and Youssef Kercourt.

Despite the obstacles she’s faced, Paquin remains optimistic about a full recovery and is committed to pursuing her career in the entertainment industry with resilience and determination.

By Samantha Johnson

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