Apple has recently shifted its focus towards research and development of home robots, a new venture for the tech giant. According to sources familiar with the matter, the company is exploring the creation of a mobile robot that can follow users around their homes, as well as a smart display device. The smart display device uses robotics to rotate its screen and mimic a person’s head movements during activities such as FaceTime calls.

This newfound interest in home robots comes after Apple decided to end its self-driving car project. The company is now looking to innovate and create its “next big thing” with these new devices. While the development of the mobile robot and smart display device is still in its early stages, engineers are working on the technology behind these products.

There has been disagreement within Apple about whether to proceed with the smart display device project, which has been in progress for some time and has attracted the attention of senior executives. Despite this, Apple has not made any official comments about its research and development into home robots at this time. Nonetheless, it represents Apple’s continued efforts to push the boundaries of technology and create innovative products for consumers.

Overall, this shift in focus signifies an exciting new direction for Apple as it continues to explore ways to improve our lives through technology innovation.

By Samantha Johnson

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