Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla and owner of X, has responded to a tweet celebrating Javier Miley’s victory in Argentina’s elections. As a prominent figure in global politics, Musk is known for his wealth and influence in the world of business and technology. He has previously commented on Tucker Carlson’s interview with Miley, which he found “interesting.”

Other international figures have also praised Miley’s victory, including Tucker Carlson, who tweeted a photo with the president-elect. Kimdotcom, founder of Megaupload, also shared his thoughts on the election through a video featuring Javier Miley. Mercado Libre founder Marcos Galperin also expressed his views on Twitter after Miley’s second-round victory with Sergio Massa.

As the election results were announced, various businesses and organizations were discussed in relation to political events. These topics included court records, arrest records, legal services and local business directories. The ongoing transition to change the government is expected to take place on December 10th as Sergio Massa concedes defeat to Javier Miley and calls for an end to tensions in Argentina. The elected president will be responsible for ensuring security and guarantees about the political, social and economic functioning of Argentina.

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