In 1949, the Asian Games Federation was founded in New Delhi, India, and the 1st Asian Games have been held in 1951. The second edition of the Games was organized in Manila, Philippines, 3 years later and the Games have been held ever considering that. each 4 years, with the exception of Hangzhou, which was postponed due to the worldwide pandemic. Presently, the Asian Games are viewed as the world’s second biggest multi-sport competitors, immediately after the Olympics, and are hosted by nine distinct nations.

In 1981, the Asian Games Federation was renamed the Olympic Council of Asia, to strengthen its connection with the International Olympic Committee. Its headquarters was moved from India to Kuwait, exactly where it is at the moment situated. More than the previous seven decades, the Asian Games have expanded substantially. What began as an occasion involving six sports and 57 events, with 11 nations competing in New Delhi, has transformed into a enormous Games with 40 sports, 481 events and 41 participating nations. The upcoming Games in Hangzhou, scheduled to open on September 23 and close on October eight, will be a testament to this development.

All through the history of the Asian Games, only seven nations – India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand – have participated in each edition of the Games. Hunting ahead, Japan is set to host the subsequent Games in 2026, which will be held in Aichi-Nagoya from September 19 to October four. Following that, the Games will make a splash in the Middle East, with Doha hosting in 2030 and Riyadh in 2034. future editions of the Asian Games guarantee to continue the wealthy tradition of the international sports competitors began in New Delhi in 1951.

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