An asteroid not much bigger than a football stadium is hurtling towards Earth, and if nothing is done to stop it, it could cause devastating effects similar to a non-radioactive nuclear bomb. There are currently about 25,000 asteroids in near-Earth space that are about 460 feet in length, with about 15,000 of them still undiscovered.

One way to prevent these asteroids from hitting Earth is to alter their trajectory by colliding a small spacecraft with them. In September 2022, a van-sized spacecraft crashed into a harmless near-Earth asteroid called Dimorphos at 14,000 miles per hour as part of the DART mission. This experiment successfully changed the orbit of an asteroid around a larger space rock called Didymos, marking the first planetary defense experiment conducted by mankind.

While the DART mission was considered a success, it also had some unforeseen consequences. A study on the impact boulders suggests that they will not pose a threat to Earth. However, these boulders are likely to cross the orbit of Mars in the next 20,000 years. This could potentially cause some of them to penetrate the Martian atmosphere and create crater-like scars on its surface.

These findings raise concerns about the long-term impact of planetary defense experiments like DART. The study emphasizes the need for continued research and monitoring to understand fully what happens when we redirect asteroids into near-Earth space.

In conclusion, it is crucial that we take action now before it’s too late to prevent an asteroid collision with Earth. We must continue research and monitor our planet’s surroundings constantly to ensure our survival in such catastrophic events.

By Samantha Johnson

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