Evinova’s main focus is on bringing digital technology solutions to market, which AstraZeneca already uses in 40 countries around the world. The company aims to improve the design and delivery of clinical trials and ultimately reduce the time and cost of developing new drugs. In addition, Evinova is exploring opportunities in digital remote patient monitoring and digital therapy, with a number of innovations in these areas.

To promote industry adoption and expand its global presence, Evinova has partnered with Parekel and Fortrea, two prominent CROs, to provide their clients with Evin’s digital health solutions. In addition, Evinova is working with Accenture and Amazon Web Services to accelerate the delivery of life-changing medicines and improve the overall patient experience and outcomes.

By collaborating with these companies, Evinova aims to improve the design and delivery of clinical trials, take a more holistic approach to patient care before, during and after treatment, and bring care closer to patients’ homes. This partnership also seeks to ease the burden on healthcare systems by streamlining processes and reducing costs associated with drug development.

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