Michelle Allen is a home baker from Grapevine who runs a small business called Mellow Treats. Every year, she creates sweet treats for her business, but this year was particularly busy for her. She started baking on Monday and has been working tirelessly ever since, even cutting back on orders due to feeling overwhelmed.

A few weeks ago, she posted online that her business would be offering Super Bowl cookie designs. The response was overwhelming, and she sold 51 dozen cookies for the special event. Despite not usually serving Super Bowl-themed treats, there was a lot of interest this year. Her clientele may not typically be interested in these types of cookies, but the variety of treats she offers has made everyone happy this week.

Allen notes that the next generation seems more interested in watching football with their families and being part of the event. She created a Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl cookie set, which was a huge hit with customers. While there may have been some negativity towards these cookies, Allen remains enthusiastic about having fun and spreading happiness through baking. Nicole Nielsen joined the CBS 11 news team in June 2020 and is excited to be working for the station where she grew up.

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