On Monday, Dodgers superstar Shohei Ohtani announced that he will make himself available to reporters at 5:45 pm ET to read a statement. Although Ohtani will not take any questions, the statement, likely prepared by lawyers and PR experts, will provide insight into his gambling activities that took place in a state where it is illegal.

This story goes beyond just a baseball story as it also involves gambling. While Ohtani’s case is unique due to the illegal gambling activities taking place in a state, the broader issue of players engaging in gambling through legal apps is a concern that extends to all sports. It is possible that players in various sports are already involved in gambling through these apps, which could potentially lead to scandal.

The handling of Ohtani’s situation by baseball may provide valuable insight into how to prevent such problems in the future for other sports. As the NFL may find itself in a similar situation at some point, it is important for proactive measures to be taken to address these gambling issues and avoid any potential scandals involving high-profile players.

By Samantha Johnson

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