In southern Germany, a group of individuals have been charged with commercial computer fraud in a massive payoff scam that resulted in the theft of nearly €90,000. The main perpetrators are a married couple and their son from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. They allegedly accessed hacked Payback accounts on the Darknet and used store voucher cards to transfer the equivalent of Payback points to their bank accounts. Videos from various stores show the fraudsters in action, leading to their identification.

The total amount of the alleged fraud, which took place in the period from July 2020 to January 2021, is about 78,400 euros with over 1,600 victims. The 27-year-old son is also accused of obtaining an additional 12,000 euros in over 100 other cases. The son’s half-sister and her Bayern husband were charged with aiding and abetting the provision of fraudulent bank accounts. The son was ordered into custody due to his criminal history, while the other defendants remain silent on the allegations.

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