The Lions entered the game with the hope of demonstrating their place among the top teams in the NFL. Despite a less than pretty performance, they managed to pull off a stunning 31-26 win over the Bears in the final minute.

The Bears dominated much of the game, with Justin Fields moving the ball effectively and the Bears defense shutting down Jared Goff. However, it was not until late in the fourth quarter that things began to turn around for the Lions. They rallied for two late touchdowns and a safety to take a narrow lead and ultimately win by one point.

Fields had a strong performance, passing for 100 yards and passing efficiently. It seemed that missing last month with a thumb injury had benefited him, as he looked more confident in his play on offense. However, his performance ended on a less than positive note when he got sacked and fumbled near the back of an end zone.

On the other hand, Goff struggled throughout most of the game, throwing three interceptions. However, he managed to rally his team in crunch time to make up some ground before falling short at the finish line.

Despite their victory, it was clear that this season has been difficult for both teams. The Bears have struggled with injuries and poor performances on defense all year long, while the Lions have faced some tough competition so far this season. Nevertheless, at 8-2, they are still looking like they are on track for success come playoff time.

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