In Berlin, protesters gathered to demonstrate against the ongoing conflict in Gaza, which has been sparked by recent Israeli attacks on Rafah. Hundreds of people congregated at the Brandenburg Gate, waving Palestinian flags and singing in unison. While there were no reports of violence against the press representative, tensions remained high as police monitored the situation closely.

In Neuk├Âlln, a spontaneous meeting took place at the corner of Panierstrasse and Sonnenallee. Reports suggest that around 100 people gathered to chant for peace and an end to the Israeli occupation. Videos shared on social media show protesters holding tea lights while chanting “Rafah” and other slogans demanding an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite the peaceful nature of the protests, tensions remain high as Israel continues to occupy Palestinian land. Many protesters have called for an end to the occupation and have labeled Israel as a terrorist state. The videos posted on social media hailed the event as a success, with many praising the turnout and organization of the demonstration.

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