The Jungle Bunch 2, the sequel to the forgettable French animation from 2017, is a lively but ultimately trivial adventure that takes the intrepid defenders of the forest on a mission to circle the globe to face a new enemy. This time, they face a deranged beaver who has brainwashed an army of beavers to aid in his goal of total deforestation in the jungle.

The film is full of action set pieces, but light on humor, with most of the jokes centered on toilet humor. This may not be the most appropriate for the youngest audience, especially given the inclusion of an interspecies relationship subplot.

However, despite its lack of depth and substance, The Jungle Bunch 2 does offer colorful animation and fast-paced action scenes that will keep younger viewers entertained. It’s a forgettable installment of the series, but it does provide some fun moments for those looking for a mindless adventure.

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