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Buying a home has been considered an essential part of achieving the American Dream for many Americans. However, with the rise in housing costs and stagnant income growth, this dream has become increasingly difficult to attain for many. The median sales price of a new single-family home was $416,300 in May 2023, compared to just $84,300 in 1985. This significant increase in housing costs has resulted in Americans buying homes later in life. In 1981, the average age of a first-time home buyer was 29, but it has since risen to 35.

Several factors have contributed to this change. The national debt, which now exceeds $34 trillion, has fueled inflation and economic instability. Additionally, the policies of the Biden administration have further strained local and state economies by allowing as many as 10 million illegal aliens into the country. Despite these challenges, potential homebuyers can find hope by listening to the Troubled Women podcast’s stories of recent young homeowners who offer tips for navigating the real estate market effectively.

In a recent episode of their podcast, hosts discussed why the White House focused on “transgender visibility” instead of celebrating Easter Sunday’s Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, Florida made significant progress in protecting unborn life, marking an important development in the ongoing debate over abortion rights. The podcast also featured a “Troublesome Woman of the Week,” highlighting individuals challenging societal norms and pushing for change.

Overall, while buying a home may seem out of reach for some Americans due to rising housing costs and stagnant income growth

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