At Westview High School, Greg Foster is a high school football coach known for his passion for competition, both on and off the field. Beyond his love for football, he has a competitive streak when it comes to nutrition, particularly hot peppers. He has been fascinated by these fiery morsels since childhood and has become an expert in Carolina Reaper and ghost peppers.

For Foster, eating these peppers is like a rush of dopamine, with endorphins, adrenaline spikes, lowered blood pressure, flushing and sweating. His love for spicy food has led him to compete in eating challenges and hold four Guinness World Records. In one challenge, he ate three Carolina Reapers in under 9 seconds; three Bhut-Jolokia Ghost peppers in 8 seconds; and 10 Bhut-Jolokia peppers in 30.01 seconds. He also holds the record for the number of But-Jolokia peppers eaten in one minute at 118 grams.

Despite his success in these challenges, Foster advises against attempting such feats himself. He warns that those who try don’t know what they’re getting themselves into and should “run away” from such challenges. However, he continues to share his knowledge about the mechanics of rapidly nibbling, chewing and swallowing these hot peppers with others who are interested in this extreme sport.

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