In Philadelphia, a major bike ride was held on Sunday with over 100 cyclists taking part in a tribute to those who have died in traffic accidents. Among the participants was Sidney Ozer, whose 17-year-old son Samuel tragically lost his life in a traffic accident while riding home from work on Father’s Day 2020 on Henry Avenue, a high-injury street.

Samuel’s death is just one of the many traffic fatalities that have occurred in Philadelphia this year, with over 110 people losing their lives on city streets. This includes 10 bicyclists, highlighting the dangerous conditions faced by cyclists daily.

Laura Fredricks, co-founder of the Family for Safe Streets of Greater Philadelphia, spoke out about the need for safer streets and called attention to the recent increase in traffic deaths. She also emphasized that Philadelphia needs a vision and urged government representatives in Harrisburg to listen to the need for safe street legislation.

Advocates are calling for more bike lanes lined with parked cars and an expansion of the Speed Camera Pilot Program to protect cyclists from traffic. Sidney Ozer believes that if these security measures had already been in place, his son might still be alive today.

As Thanksgiving approaches this year without Samuel’s presence, Ozer remains committed to his son’s memory and campaigning for safer streets in his honor. He hopes that his advocacy will bring awareness to the dangers faced by cyclists daily and inspire others to take action towards creating safer communities for all.

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