President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders joined forces Wednesday to showcase the administration’s efforts to lower the cost of inhalers and other health necessities. The event in the White House Indian Treaty Room was intended to highlight Biden’s legislative accomplishments to voters ahead of the November election. During the event, Biden thanked Sanders for their joint efforts over the past 25 years, finally achieving victory over Big Pharma together.

Both Biden and Sanders highlighted the benefits of the Democrats’ broad climate, health and tax package signed in 2022. The bill includes caps on various health care costs for Medicare beneficiaries, such as $35 a month for insulin and $2,000 a year for prescription drugs. Notably, no Republican legislators supported this bill. Despite the popularity of Biden’s achievements in reducing health care costs, he has yet to receive full credit from voters.

Moreover, Biden and Sanders highlighted their joint efforts to hold major inhaler manufacturers accountable by ensuring that these devices are priced at no more than $35 a month. Without insurance, inhalers can cost between $200 and $600 each. Sanders expressed gratitude for Biden’s actions so far on this issue and expressed his desire to continue working together on future endeavors.

Despite their previous rivalry during the 2020 presidential primary, Sanders and Biden have come together to advance policies that reflect Sanders’ influence. After Sanders withdrew from the race, his team worked with Biden campaign officials to craft a party platform aligned with Sanders’ values and priorities. This collaboration has led to significant policy changes that have benefited millions of Americans who rely on affordable healthcare solutions like insulin inhaler pricing caps.

In conclusion, President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders have put aside their differences to work towards a common goal: providing affordable healthcare solutions for all Americans. Their joint efforts have led to significant policy changes that benefit Medicare beneficiaries by capping various health care costs such as insulin pricing at $35 per month or less without insurance coverage.

Their success is not only due to their political collaboration but also reflects how much influence they have had on shaping American politics over time.

Both men should be commended for their leadership roles in bringing about these positive changes that will ultimately improve the lives of countless Americans who rely on affordable healthcare solutions like insulin inhaler pricing caps.

By Samantha Johnson

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