A Financial Times poll published recently has shown that former President Trump has a significant advantage over current President Biden when it comes to handling the economy. The survey asked participants which candidate they believed would be the best steward of the U.S. economy, and 42% chose Trump compared to 31% who selected Biden. The rest of the respondents were undecided or did not choose a candidate.

Despite historically low unemployment and a booming stock market under his leadership, President Biden has not fully convinced voters of his economic stewardship. A Financial Times poll revealed that 27% of respondents believe the U.S. economy is “excellent” or “good,” up from 21% in a survey conducted four months earlier. Additionally, 47% of respondents stated that they could “comfortably” pay their expenses, an increase of three percent from November. However, Biden’s approval rating on the economy remains at 36%, the same as it was in November.

The Trump campaign continues to attack Biden on inflation, highlighting that consumer prices rose by 3.4% between January 2022 and January 2023. Meanwhile, the Biden administration tries to promote its economic successes through Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent announcement about the “historic recovery” of the U.S. economy under the Biden administration, citing strong GDP growth and falling inflation.

Overall, this poll highlights the complexity of voter sentiment regarding the candidates and their approaches to managing the American economy.

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