As Americans prepare for the upcoming election, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen to a new low, just under five months before voters head to the polls. At 37.4%, his rating is the lowest ever. The drop in popularity comes amid concerns about support from non-white voters and criticism from progressives about the White House’s response to the Gaza conflict.

Former President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have risen slightly since leaving office, but he still faces a challenging future as he becomes the first former president to be convicted of a felony. Trump currently has 41.6 percent favorability.

Both candidates do not have strong approval ratings, and historical comparisons show that they may be the least popular candidates in decades. Biden’s lower popularity puts him at risk of losing the election in November, especially given historical trends in presidential approval ratings and re-election results.

In contrast to Biden, Trump will look to change the narrative in the coming months by ramping up his campaign efforts and participating in an early debate against his opponent. The debate, scheduled for June 27 and hosted by CNN, could provide an opportunity for Biden to connect with voters and improve his overall standing before the election.

As politics become increasingly partisan, it may be difficult for either candidate to gain widespread support among American voters. However, both Biden and Trump will continue to fight for their respective positions leading up to November’s election.

By Samantha Johnson

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