Recently, a special press conference called by Biden aimed to rebut criticism of his cognitive condition. However, the conference quickly turned into a disaster. The White House immediately dismissed the report’s claims about the president’s memory after its release, but things only got worse during the conference. Biden, who was already nervous, answered the first question from a Fox News reporter and it went downhill from there.

The Hore investigator’s report described Biden as “a likable, well-intentioned man, an elderly man with a poor memory.” The report stated that Biden did not remember when his son Beau died of cancer and had difficulty remembering when his vice presidential term began and ended. While the headline of the report was that no charges would be filed against Biden in the affair, this was merely an afterthought compared to the detailed descriptions of his memory issues.

It is unclear why the special counsel appointed by Biden’s Justice Department chose to focus on the nature of the president’s memory rather than on his ability to perform his duties as President. The issue of Biden’s age and cognitive abilities may be central to this campaign, and instead of dampening backlash with a press conference, it only served to heighten it.

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