In the wake of his fraud trial, there have been rumors about whether Donald Trump will be forced to declare bankruptcy. However, a wealthy businessman, Don Hankey, stepped in to offer assistance to the former president. With a net worth of $23.4 billion and a company that deals in credit, real estate, insurance and has a stake in Akos Bank, Hankey is well-positioned to help Trump out financially.

Despite his considerable wealth, 80-year-old Don Hankey has not been a prominent figure in politics. He has donated to both Republican and Democratic politicians in the past, including supporting Trump. However, Hankey insists that he is not a fan of Trump but sees his loan as a good business opportunity. In 2022, Hankey’s company made a $464 million loan to Trump to pay his bail after being convicted of fraud.

The court found that Donald Trump and others associated with his company had committed commercial fraud by inflating the value of his assets for financial gain. The judge ordered Trump to pay back $464 million with interest. Hankey expressed frustration with the court’s decision and cited common practices in the real estate industry as justification for their actions.

Hankey’s involvement in helping Trump is not without precedent. In 2021, Axos Bank made a $25 million loan to the Trump Organization when other lenders pulled out due to concerns over Trump’s role in the Capitol riot. The bank’s president approved the loan based on financial reasons rather than political motives. Overall, Hankey’s actions are seen as business decisions rather than political statements.

As for what comes next for Trump and Hankey, it remains unclear whether or not this is just one more chapter in their ongoing saga or if it marks the beginning of their final act together.

It seems that Don Hankey is using his wealth and influence to help out Donald

By Samantha Johnson

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