Binder, a leading provider of industrial connectors, now offers an extensive selection of M12 connectors designed for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). These SMD devices are perfect for use in automation devices, sensors, actuators and robotics due to their compact size and ease of automation.

M12 connectors come in various configurations, including 4, 6 and 8 contacts, with different coding options and protection class IP67. They are ideal for applications in factory and process automation, instrumentation, robotics, sensors and actuators. The compact size and easy automation make them suitable for automated processes.

Surface mount technology (SMT) offers significant space savings compared to through-hole technology (THT) or through-the-hole (THR) processes. SMD contact pins are placed directly on the PCB surface and connected using solder paste, enabling high component density and miniaturization of electronic circuits.

Binder’s SMT products are available in a variety of configurations, including shielded and unshielded versions, and come in a variety of packaging options for automated processing. All M12 binder products provide standard dust and water protection (IP67) and are designed to be compatible with existing PCB drilling patterns for easy integration.

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