In Texas, a man has been diagnosed with H5N1 bird flu after being in close contact with infected cows. This is the second confirmed case of bird flu in the US, following the first case in Colorado in 2022. Preliminary analysis of the virus strain in the new infection did not show any mutations.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that this infection does not change the assessment of public health risk associated with H5N1 influenza in the United States. The CDC added that the risk of an outbreak here remains low. The patient is currently isolated and being treated with antiviral drugs.

Bird flu can be transmitted to humans, but only reported cases have been reported among people who were in close contact with infected animals. However, this strain of flu has a very high death rate, up to 50% compared to 3% for typical flu cases. Existing antibiotics are effective against circulating H5N1 flu strains, and if the virus mutates to spread easily in humans, existing vaccines will also be effective in prevention.

By Samantha Johnson

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