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A former Australian specialist surfer broke the globe record for the longest filmed surf in Sydney on Friday right after functioning for extra than 40 hours.

Blake Johnston began surfing at Cronulla Beach south of Sydney at 1am on Thursday and continued to surf till 7.11am on Friday.

Hundreds lined up to see him and cheered him on as he beat the prior record of 30 hours and 11 minutes held by South African Josh Enslin.

Johnston stated he was “quite considerably cooked” when he briefly returned to the beach to answer queries from the media.

“Thanks absolutely everyone, you are the greatest,” he stated ahead of returning to the ocean.

“I nevertheless have function to do.” I will go and give it.

“Absolutely everyone deserves to really feel fantastic, they deserve to take care of themselves.” Superior for you.”

He continued to surf till 5pm on Friday, setting a new globe record.

Australian surfer Blake Johnston is checked by medics as his family members watches right after he set a new globe record for the longest surf session of 500 waves in extra than 30 hours, at Cronulla Alley, in Sydney, Australia, March 17, 2023.


His group stated he battled dangers such as blindness, infected ears, dehydration, lack of sleep, hypothermia, shark attacks and drowning through his record-breaking surf session, reports 9News.

Searchlights have been utilised at evening to assist Mr Johnston and medical doctors on the beach monitored his well being.

Mr Johnston surfed extra than 600 waves through his session, seeking to raise funds for youth mental well being initiatives in association with the Chumpi Pullin Foundation.

As reported by the BBC, he raised about £185,000 for charity.

Blake Johnston is greeted by his wife Lauren and youngsters as properly as his help group right after he set a new globe record for the longest surf session of 500 waves more than 30 hours, at The Alley in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia on March 17, 2023.


The charity was set up in memory of globe champion snowboarder Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin, who died aged 32 right after drowning on the Gold Coast 3 years ago.

His wife Elidie was amongst a group of people today who gathered to help Johnston by way of the drive.

“I just know that Champi is there and he would be by Blakey’s side cheering him on, and they each have that Viking power about them,” she stated, as quoted by ABC News.

Johnston’s wife Lauren also cheered him on, saying she knew he would “generally attain the objective he set.”

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