Ready to learn some exciting science with Sarah Spivey? Check out GMSA@9 on Wednesdays, where Sarah demonstrates and explains the fascinating world of science. In partnership with the San Antonio Zoo, Sarah’s experiments are sure to captivate students of all ages.

To get started, gather your materials: dry ice (be sure to wear gloves when handling), a large bubbler (including soap and water mixture), a tea light or match, an extinguishing dish or bowl, glasses or containers of different sizes and shapes, and water.

With these tools in hand, you can perform several experiments that will make you wonder about the world around you. The first experiment involves creating a big bubble using dry ice in a bowl filled with water. Simply soak a shoelace or fabric strip in soapy solution and drape it over the bowl, sealing it with more soapy water. You should see a large bubble forming as steam rises from the dry ice.

Another experiment involves extinguishing candles using dry ice. Place a tea lamp in a Tupperware container and light the candle. Then surround it with dry ice and watch as it slowly goes out due to the cold temperature of the ice melting against the heat of the candle wax.

For those who love music, try making silly noises using dry ice as an “instrument.” Simply place a small piece of dry ice on a table in front of you and use a spoon to press down on it. The resulting sound is sure to amuse!

Finally, for those who want to create lots of bubbles, fill bowls with water and soap and drop some dry ice into them. Watch as hundreds or even thousands of bubbles form before your eyes!

If you’re interested in having Sarah and David come to your school for a live science experiment during XSAT class, simply fill out this form for consideration by KSAT – all winners are chosen at random! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about science with one of San Antonio’s most exciting educators!

By Samantha Johnson

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