The Memorial Health Foundation recently announced a $3,000 grant to support the American Red Cross’ Blood Saves Lives Cancer Initiative. Sharon Kesselring, executive director of the American Red Cross of the Ohio River Valley, expressed excitement about the partnership with the health system. According to Kesselring, “The American Red Cross plays a vital role in patient care within our region’s healthcare system and we are thrilled to be able to support their efforts through this grant.”

The grant was awarded by the Memorial Health Foundation Board of Directors because of the important role that blood transfusions play in cancer treatment. The blood collected by the American Red Cross is processed and made available to cancer patients when they need it. Blood transfusions are essential in helping alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy and provide relief for those undergoing treatment.

Julie Dye and Jill Deming presented the donation on behalf of the foundation at Memorial Health System’s first 2024 blood drive. They spoke about how important it is for cancer patients to have access to quality blood products, and how this grant will help ensure that they receive them when they need them most.

The Memorial Health Foundation’s next grant cycle will open on July 1st, with more information available online at It is hoped that this grant will help continue supporting the valuable work done by the American Red Cross in providing blood products to those who need them most, especially during cancer treatment.

By Samantha Johnson

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