If you happen to be a sports parent, you may well have watched Olympic gold medalist Boda Miller’s Instagram video that went viral earlier this week.

The video shows his young son operating along a mountain road. Miller, who when thrived at such higher altitudes as a downhill skier, captures the moment as he seems to be riding behind him.

According to Miller’s Instagram account, the boy “quit” his football group and, thus, “I let him run the hill.”

“For these concerned, the hill run was his concept,” the post study. “He stated he did not run throughout the game. This kid is subsequent level. #prouddad”

Some who commented on the post applauded Miller’s “difficult adore.” Other folks felt that his apparent punishment was as well harsh.

We do not know all the particulars, nor what Miller’s intention was in posting the video. But he supplied an introspective moment for all parents. Let’s place into point of view some of the subjects it raises:

1. Commitment to the group is vital, but so is understanding the causes why your child’s commitment could wane.

“This was so significantly a lot more than a football game,” Miller’s post stated. “It is about teaching our youngsters to by no means give up.”

But possibly Miller’s son, or your son or daughter, does not like football, or some other sport. You can see such indicators with a lack of work or in other strategies. Children can also verify out swiftly, particularly if we push a sport or idea on them.

When my older son was eight, he was nevertheless finding out to play baseball. He was frustrated, I guess, that some youngsters have been greater than him. 1 summer season Saturday morning, when I took him out on the field to practice informally with the other youngsters, I kept him there following every person had left and place him by way of a lot more drills. He did not love it.

“I do not like baseball as significantly as you do,” he told me.

I had turned baseball into a adverse encounter – at least at that point – and was in danger of losing it totally.

I gave up and we did not play till the finish of the summer season. His interest reignited when we returned in the fall and he’s nevertheless playing — and loving it — in higher college.

Don’t forget, as well, that kids want to please you as a parent. Possibly Miller’s son wanted to run up that hill. Or possibly he just wanted to please his dad.

But he could want to play football once again.

two. Our kids are not superhuman, they are just human — just like us

Even Miller, the most decorated alpine skier in US history, is no superhero. He got to the point exactly where he did not want to do it at the highest level any longer.

“There are so several other variables that come into play with skiing, and the greatest a single is the want and willingness to take dangers and place your physique out there,” he told The Boston Globe for a story published this month. “It surely goes away a lot more as you get older.” I did not genuinely do it for any of that.”

In some cases we as coaches, or parents, anticipate players or youngsters to be as well significantly like us.

When he managed the Senators and Rangers, Ted Williams seemed frustrated that his players did not have the exact same sharp eye that he did. Not too long ago, Patrick Ewing could not fully grasp why even his veterans on the Georgetown men’s basketball group could not compete at a superior level all through the game like he when did.

I wanted my son to adore baseball like I did from a young age. But it really is okay for our kids to like and be very good at other items than us. Or it really is even okay for them not to be as very good as us. And it really is okay for them to attempt some thing and adjust their thoughts.

Possibly Miller is channeling her son’s inner triathlete by creating him run up Mt. Extra most likely, he is substituting his personal remaining passion to compete.

three. Punishment against discipline

When I coached my younger son’s fourth-grade basketball group in a competitive church league, some of our players treated our two-week practices like a holiday. This was fine up to a point, but it became frustrating when I attempted to clarify drills and games.

I asked a single dad who stayed in instruction if he would run a “exercise corner” in the fitness center for youngsters who weren’t paying consideration. The acting boys did push-ups and other gymnastics. We did not overdo it, and we produced it all appear exciting.

Some parents did not like this teaching process and I received a contact from the church’s activities director, who gently pointed out the complaints to me. These parents believed I was punishing their kids I felt that I was disciplining them. Possibly we ought to distinguish in between the two.

For me, the punishment is what I saw the other evening at my son’s baseball game. He is now in the seventh grade, nevertheless at an impressionable age. When the game was close in the final inning and we stole second base, the opposing coach loudly criticized his shorts for not covering the bag. He swore as his voice carried loudly—and clumsily—across the field. When he produced a pitching adjust, he continued to yell at his shortstop as he took the ball and threw it to the new pitcher alternatively of basically handing it to him.

My intention with gymnastics was to teach a lesson about the significance of practice and discipline. This coach just wanted to win, and he humiliated the kid in the method.

Let’s hope Miller did not do the exact same with his viral video.

Steve Borrelli, aka Coach Steve, has been an editor and writer at USA These days considering that 1999. He spent ten years coaching his two sons’ baseball and basketball teams. He and his wife, Colleen, are now loving life as sports parents for middle college and higher college students.

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