Boeing planes have been under scrutiny since the 737 Max incident in January, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has faced problems with them on two separate occasions this year. In January, a similar model plane encountered an oxygen leak, prompting Blinken to fly back in a smaller jet. This time, during his trip to Europe for talks on the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, Blinken and other State Department officials encountered undisclosed problems with the C-40, a modified version of the Boeing 737. As a result, they were forced to travel by car between Paris and Brussels.

Boeing has been under scrutiny since the 737 Max incident, which saw a door plug explode during an Alaska Airlines flight, blowing a hole in the plane. Subsequent investigations into Boeing’s practices raised concerns about the safety and quality of its planes. The focus on these issues has increased following these incidents, with media coverage highlighting questions regarding the quality of Boeing aircraft and their adherence to safety standards.

These problems have drawn attention to older models of Boeing aircraft as well as newer ones. While many of these issues may not have been directly caused by Boeing, it is clear that their safety and reliability are being closely scrutinized. It remains to be seen what impact these incidents will have on Boeing’s reputation and business going forward.

By Samantha Johnson

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