Boise State University is saying goodbye to five esteemed faculty and staff who are retiring in the spring of 2024. Sarah Toews, Shelle Poole, Tim Kempf, Olgie Castillo and Shawn Dunnagan have dedicated countless years of service to the university.

To honor their remarkable contributions, a retirement reception will be held on Tuesday, April 9 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm in the Bishop Barnwell Room of the Student Union. The entire campus community is invited to attend and pay tribute to these individuals for their unwavering dedication and hard work at Boise State University.

Olgie Castillo served as a management assistant in the Department of Kinesiology for an impressive 16 years. Sean Danagan has been a Lecturer III in the School of Public and Population Health for an equally impressive 13 years. Tim Kempf, clinical associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology, has devoted an astonishing 19 years to Boise State. Shelle Poole, department dean and associate professor in the College of Nursing, has been on the job for an impressive 13 years. Sarah Toews, a professor in the School of Public and Population Health and director of the Center for the Study of Aging, has contributed an incredible 24 years at Boise State University.

These retirees have left an indelible mark on the College of Health Sciences and Boise State as a whole. It is only fitting that we take this opportunity to celebrate their remarkable careers and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

By Samantha Johnson

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