Rep. Jamal Bowman (D-N.I.) stated he is “really frustrated” with the state of debt ceiling talks and questioned why President Biden is continuing to negotiate with what the congressman named “financial terrorists” in the Republican Celebration.

“I urged the president to invoke the 14th amendment and mint a coin and not negotiate with hostages,” Bowman told CNN’s Manu Raja on Thursday. “I imply, we never negotiate with terrorists on a international level.” Why are we going to negotiate with the financial terrorists right here, namely the Republican Celebration?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) stated earlier this week that some Republicans never assume they need to negotiate with their “hostage” in the debt ceiling talks, drawing ire from the White Residence and other people in the Democratic Celebration.

Biden and Residence Republicans stay deadlocked more than the debt ceiling with much less than a week till June 1, when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated the United States could default on its debt.

A group of Democratic senators urged Biden to invoke the 14th Amendment, which says the nation’s debt will not be named into query, to raise the debt limit without the need of congressional approval. Biden has stated he is contemplating the maneuver, although it would probably begin a lengthy legal battle. Bowman’s suggestion that Biden is “minting a coin” refers to the untested concept that the federal government is minting a $1 trillion platinum coin to spend for government costs.

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But these emergency measures would be unnecessary if Biden and Residence leaders attain a deal, and they seem to be generating progress this week.

Many lawmakers told The Hill on Thursday that they had observed proposals in negotiations to raise the debt ceiling to $four trillion, which would extend beyond the 2024 election. Reports from The New York Occasions and The Washington Post on Thursday evening stated Republicans in the White Residence and dwelling closer to a possible deal.

But doubts stay. The GOP’s major negotiator blasted the White Residence on Thursday, saying the Biden administration “refuses to negotiate the terms of the deal.” Democrats strongly opposed passing tougher operate specifications proposed by Republicans, which would have enhanced the requirement to 20 hours a week for Supplemental Nutrition Help Plan (SNAP) recipients ages 50 to 56.

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