20,000 fans gathered at Maksimir to witness the final match of the Croatian national football team against Armenia in the qualifiers for Euro 2024. Among these fans was a Brazilian named Rafael Bessera, who stood out from the rest due to his love for ‘fiery’ football.

Bessera was introduced to the public at the end of the League of Nations in Rotterdam, where he fulfilled his lifelong dream and met his idol, Luka Modrić. Not long after this event, he received an invitation from the Croatian Tourist Board and visited Croatia as an honored guest. He has now moved to Zagreb, where he is learning the Croatian language and living out his dream.

When asked about his experience watching the national team play in Maksimir for the first time, Bessera said, “Zagreb is a wonderful city! I’m so happy to be here and watch my favorite team.” He has also been very vocal about his love for Croatian football on social media and even gave us his predictions for the match against Armenia. According to him, it will be a convincing 3:0 victory for Croatia and that Modrić, Ivanušec, and Majer will be the shooters.

Perhaps what sets Bessera apart from other fans is his dedication to Croatia’s national team. He has already bought tickets for Euro 2024 in Germany and expressed that he will definitely be attending. His passion for ‘fiery’ football is evident in everything he does and it’s clear that he will always be a devoted fan no matter where life takes him.

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