The Healthy Debate article by Adam Anthony Donovan, Cole-Atma Dev and Samuel Gagnon-Smith presents a compelling argument for health professionals to promote the positive impacts of cycling on public and environmental health. The authors believe that improving cycling infrastructure is key to increasing physical activity levels, reducing pollution and supporting Vision Zero initiatives aimed at preventing serious injuries and deaths on the road.

The authors also emphasize the importance of educating the public about the positive benefits of cycling and dispelling common misconceptions that discriminate against vulnerable road users. They argue that helmet laws do not improve safety, as statistics show that cyclists actually obey traffic laws, and that cyclists are not often to blame for accidents.

The article aims to challenge social norms and anecdotal experiences that contribute to negative attitudes towards cycling. It highlights the need to promote cycling as a means of improving public and environmental health, and encourages health teams to take an active role in promoting this important mode of transportation.

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