The Czech Republic’s triumphant performance against Moldova on the final night of qualification has earned them direct qualification for the European Championship. Despite finishing in second place with an equal number of points as Albania, the Czech team was ecstatic to have secured their spot in the tournament.

However, following the match, Czech coach Jaroslav Šilhávy announced his resignation due to immense pressure. He had made a decision before the match not to continue working with the national team and informed Petar Fouska, president of the association, about his plans. Šilhavi had led the national team for 58 games, winning 28, drawing 10 and losing 20 under his leadership.

Despite this setback, the Czech Republic is eagerly looking forward to their participation in the upcoming European Championship. Last time around, they reached the quarter-finals but were defeated by Denmark with a score of 2-1. This time around, they are determined to make it even further and showcase their skills on a bigger stage.

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