Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods’ tech-infused TGL golf league is delaying its debut by a year. According to TGL, damage to the dome portion of the arena at State College in Palm Beach cannot be repaired in time for the planned Jan. 9 debut. Rather than rush into next year’s partial schedule, the owners and other key partners feel it’s best to wait until 2025 to get things right. Woods and McIlroy are co-founders of TMRV Sports, an entertainment group that created TGL for 24 top players in an indoor arena. McIlroy says the delay will help them come back stronger.

In other news, Sergio Dest forced the United States to play less after a pair of yellow cards in a dispute with the referee during a CONCACAF Nations League quarter-final match against Trinidad and Tobago on Monday night. Despite losing 2-1, the Americans qualified for next year’s Copa America on aggregate, 4-2. Anthony Robinson scored in the 25th minute, while Dest received both yellow cards in the 39th minute. Trinidad got goals from Reon Moore and Alvin Jones, who also scored in a 2-1 victory six years ago that ended America’s streak of seven World Cup appearances. USA captain Tim Ream revealed there were “choice words” for Dest at halftime. “I can’t say a lot of things publicly here that we’ve said privately,” Ream said. The United States finished the year with 11 wins, four losses and three draws.

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